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Broco Ultrathermic Cutting Lance Torch Kit (3/16",1/4",3/8",1/2" Collets)

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Broco Exothermic Cutting Systems are the professional's first choice for cutting, gouging and piercing. The unique 10,000° F plus burning action of Broco exothermic cutting rods liquefies almost any material in its path! Utilizing only oxygen, Broco rods quickly cut or melt cast iron, steel, stainless steel, concrete, granite, nickel, titanium, aluminum and exotic metals. Broco exothermic systems cut so quickly there is minimal heat build-up so material temper remains virtually unchanged. Broco Exothermic Torch Advantages Operating at temperatures exceeding 10,000° F eliminates need for surface preheating. Fastest cutting of cast iron, stainless and non-ferrous metals saving time and money. Repairs made without raising burrs on bearings and bushings. No carbon deposits – eliminating need for surface grinding and gouge cleaning. Bend to hard-to-reach places. Safer than other equipment because there is no requirement for high amperage or potentially dangerous acetylene. Increase operator comfort with less noise, smoke, and noxious gases than air carbon arc systems. No need for welding machine or air compressor. Burns in damp atmospheres, even when submerged in mud or water. User friendly features include a 12 volt DC ignition system, single oxygen fuel source with one regulator, and ergonomic torch for ease of operation.

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